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About us

What we do

The business has ambitions, but that’s really just the start. Whether your aim is to advance your market position, take your business in an entirely new direction or achieve new heights for customer service, you need a team that can support you.

Unique Engagement

technologygroup provides the technical advice and practical IT skills that our customers need to achieve their goals. We deliver the full spectrum of services from data consultancy and system health checks to infrastructure design, configuration and optimisation. With many years of experience and a strong reputation in the City of London, we are a team that you can depend upon entirely. Every company is different. That’s why we take time to get to know our customers properly, using a consultative approach. When we commence work with you, we will focus quickly on developing a thorough understanding of both your technical and commercial challenges. After all, we need to know which mountain you want to climb, before we can supply you with the right map and the best equipment for the journey

And how will you get there?

Data flows across different business systems, to different people and departments. Your applications, servers and PCs are all tightly interconnected. No single hardware device or software package should ever be considered in isolation. Your entire
IT infrastructure needs to be fine tuned and running optimally to drive your business forwards.

When we design and implement new solutions, we don’t just take your immediate business challenges into account. We assess the full impact of any proposed changes on your complete environment and make sure that today’s fix complements and supports your longer term IT strategy. Tightly interconnected, our three core service areas span: data management; infrastructure design and consolidation; and application delivery.

Over time, your IT needs will inevitably change as you pursue fresh business goals, and as new technologies emerge and mature. As part of your team, technologygroup will always monitor your changing requirements and the health of your environment to ensure that it continues to meet your needs. The road ahead may twist and turn, but we’re still with you, all the way.