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Application delivery and security

The two most important assets of any organisation are its people and its data. Business applications bring the two together. If employees have quick, easy and secure access to core applications from any location, they’ll be ready – no matter where the next great opportunity takes them.

technologygroup is experienced in helping businesses to improve the performance of critical business systems, while also ensuring that applications are highly accessible and secure.
Our services include optimisation, mobility and application security.


Assess your current network and improve the speed and reliability of Internet, pier to pier and remote connections. Accelerate ALL applications over any WAN – transparently.
Ensure your investment in Enterprise wide application deployments leverages its total potential and don’t allow underlying network latency to constrain your ROI.


Ensure high levels of application performance and security for remote and mobile workers. Virtualise, optimise and simplify application delivery. It is all about productivity (whilst keeping a strong focus upon cost).

The technology is certainly there so technologygroup consultants will ensure all your commercial and technical objectives are met when it comes to service accessibility.

Application Security

Protect your business and your customers from application layer attacks including buffer overflow exploits, SQL injection attempts, cross site scripting attacks and more. The latest generation forms of attach evade traditional network firewalls and IPS devices.

Ensure you can prevent the theft and leakage of valuable corporate and customer data.