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Asset recycle and management

The Problem

All businesses have hardware that reaches the end of its usable lifespan and requires disposal. This can be a mixture of items that aren’t a risk to the organization, such as monitors and printers, but require environmentally stringent procedures for disposal inline with increasing legislation guidelines.

Alternatively, there can be more high risk items such desktops, laptops and storage equipment that require data shredding to ensure the business is not exposed. Organisations have a legal duty under the Data Protection Act to guard any confidential data effectively and the law demands it.

The Solution

This offering provides the collection and secure disposal of hardware and where possible the re-cycling of the items. Any company specific data will be shredded by overwriting the information to meet varying levels of security up to both UK and US Military standards.

If complete data destruction is required, then hard disk drives can be physically shredded to ensure the data can never be restored.

The Deliverables

Your hardware will be removed from site and recycled or disposed of following strict legislation guidelines. Any secure company data will be destroyed, either by overwriting a number of times or by physical destruction. A complete inventory is issued back to the business along with any associated certificates of items that required disposal.

technologygroup’s aim is to maximize the return to your business. This is achieved in the following way.


The items will be collected from your site anywhere in the UK and transported to the warehouse in a secure manner.

Equipment Book In

On receipt of the redundant hardware at our warehouse, it will be booked in and all the details forward to your organisation for reference. This will include information such as make, model, serial number and asset tag details.

Data Removal

All data will be wiped from hard drives to ensure confidential information, software and license details cannot be recovered. If required, the hard drive can be physically shredded.
The data purge utility is fully programmable, allowing multiple overwrites. The standard default is one overwrite with any number of additional overwrites programmable. The other defaults are three and seven times (US Military).

  1. The utility is able to destroy contents of whole hard drives, including partition tables, boot records, file system structures, operating system files and user files.
  2. It shreds data according to U.S. Department of Defense recommendations to destroy data (DoD 5200.28-STD): seven pass extended character rotation wiping.
  3. Contents of hard drives are wiped without any dependence of files system used to format the drives (FAT, NTFS, HPFS or other).
  4. It is designed to provide a high performance of shredding. As the utility uses low-level disk access, hard drives will be wiped without any regards to file system used on the hard drive partitions (whether it is DOS/Windows file system or not).
Test and Audit

The recycled equipment is then tested with a report sent back to your organization which is used to manage the remarketing and disposal programme.


Once the audit is completed we will provide you with a full market valuation. We can then purchase the items from your company, or if you prefer remarket them on your behalf, working on an agreed commission basis. This ensures maximum return to your business on redundant equipment.

Staff Purchases and Charitable Donations

Using your redundant assets to benefit others can generate goodwill and PR for all concerned. Staff purchase schemes, donations to schools, charities and third world projects are all options.