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The Cloud Evolution

 Without any doubt, Information Technology and its respective senior and board level executives are ready to embrace change. If only we could articulate a set of services and standardised naming conventions that enabled them to clearly understand what changes they should be leveraging.

Ironically, the technology verbiage is such that the most common phrases we still hear are; “the C word”, “out there in the cloud…whatever that is” and perhaps one of my overall favourites “the cloud will never take off……… now tell me all about it”.

The fact of the matter is that the cloud is nothing we haven’t seen before. Really you say? But when stripped back to its most basic form is infrastructure (architected primarily in one of two ways), spread amongst Datacentres, (potentially geographically dispersed and branded availability zones), layered with automation tools to script repeatable tasks, packaged for client adoption via self service web portals (from prospect through to fully fledged customers who benefit from reporting and integrated billing). Finally, the aforementioned is bolstered by an array of innovative and technologically advanced bridging and interconnectivity tools together with a set of communication standards to bring the “seamless elasticity” and “hybrid” verbiage to life.

So, if things really are that simple what is all the hype about? Well, that’s relatively straightforward also. Business Advantage. Two very simple words in their own right; however, when the result needs to be a quantifiable value, how does cloud support this?

In most meetings and presentations, and from both sides of the table, the following statements are frequently injected into a multitude of statements and presentations:

Operational efficiency
Redeployment of valued assets
Bridging the gap between Enterprise and Consumerisation
Business Differentiation
More with less
Connection of assets through collaboration

Whilst we all mock the buzzwords that are so rife within our industry, within all the marketing and salesperson hype is actually the secret behind the curtain that we need to extract.

The cloud is not a thing, but a journey. A journey to efficiency, a better way of doing things (or at least for some organisations and respective business units).

We all have chores at home that we can do, washing the car, cutting the grass, laundry, home renovations or in some cases even walking the dog however; these can all too frequently get neglected. In fairness, when evaluated we recognised that these tasks are perhaps better suited to an individual that can both give it their entire focus, are better skilled having made it their profession and finally but perhaps most importantly, when compared to the associated time, effort and even associated costly mistakes (specifically DIY), are the better option. So you make a decision to call in the experts to deliver you an end result at a pre agreed cost; (come on we live in a fixed price, agreed deliverable world).

The interesting factor here is to what extent services are engaged. Well, that all depends upon the state of the closet within your own environment. Where does the differentiation exist, what quantifiable business value does the team deliver to the front office and associated revenue streams of the organization?

The fact of the matter is, as you dissect the ingredients that make up the entire piece, there will be a set of components and services that are no different to many other offerings available in the market and the question has to be, where are the efforts of your skilled resources best placed.

Mark Templeton, CEO of Citrix made a very interesting statement at a client presentation stating, “long gone are the days of the side by side bake off between two hardware vendors”, so what did he mean? Well, we all recall the time where the big project budget got signed off and the team knew the current platforms wouldn’t suffice. So, off they go and call in the big guns: EMC, NetApp, HP, HDS, IBM. It’s time to find out who gives us the best performance, bang for buck, resilience, ROI. Why?

How much time is wasted? How much resource is consumed? How long does the business have to wait whilst basic commodity infrastructure decisions are made?

When you place the order for the new BMW, Audi, Mercedes or your choice of chariot, you don’t question the grade of oil they chose to place in the engine, or the manufacturer of the windscreen wipers or even the route and capacity of the fuel line (well some might but that individual is likely to be covered in oil and grease right now rather than reading this article). You trust the brand you’re buying into, you feel comforted that the end driving result and level of customer service will provide you an all round value for money experience in respect of your driving needs.

So to bring this back into context, it is important to be able to differentiate between the value and commodity components within your own organisation and plan for how and where the different type of resource and service needs should be consumed, whilst ultimately freeing valued expertise to drive forward and differentiate your business and the associated revenue and profitability it generates.

In addition, with the evolution and drive in technology mobility, our users and consumers expect their resources to always be available, irrelevant of the time, their location or the device they choose to use and this is resulting in our teams having to learn, manage and deliver complex solutions to underpin these now commonplace expectations.

The mobility imperative and cloud evolution is here. Make no mistake. We have the pleasure of taking audience with many professionals who are tasked with two very important things:

– Translating a set of strategic business objectives for growth into a information technology roadmap
– Freeing talent and expertise from mundane repeatable tasks and activities and transitioning the IT function into a dynamic unit that supports the organisation to clear competitive advantage.

Ultimately, whilst the above is being executed, the parallel challenge remains of ensuring two key assets of any organisation can be connected, anytime, to any device of choice – people and information.

Our thirst for information and the speed at which we can receive it seems almost insatiable. From telegram, mail, fax and telex, email to twitter, the faster we can get it the more we seem to want it. The key is leveraging platforms for business advantage.

technologygroup are experts in leading technology initiatives including:

Fully featured mobility solutions spanning each attribute of such a project

– Information Security, Access and Lifecycle Management
– Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtual Experience Infrastructure (VXI)
– Service profiles and aggregation
– Desktop and Application Virtualisation and delivery
– Service Optimisation
– End point security
– BYOD management programs

Cloud empowerment, orchestration and automation Service Frameworks

– Client Portal for Self Service incorporating account creation, service catalogues, reporting and billing
– Dynamic elasticity and auto-scaling
– Automation and operational efficiency via the eradication of repeatable tasks
– Access to pre populated service catalogues and build template marketplace
Both of the aforementioned services are underpinned by an eighteen-year legacy and strong competency in core infrastructure solutions. We have a unique skill set in most of the heavily promoted reference architectures which, with the emphasized collaborations between the worlds largest technology vendors seen today, enable technologygroup to deliver to our clients the most stable and empowering solutions within their aggressive project timelines.

We have worked with some of the worlds largest financial and eGaming entities to optimize their critical client trading platforms and have the unique accolade of being the UK’s first partner in a key vendors Application Delivery Controller (ADC) technology that will support your organisations ability to deliver and scale dynamically whilst offering a cost and consolidation model that is hard to beat.

From an automation perspective we have the proven ability to save your business both time and money. Through a set of integrated tools supported by our skilled, yet commercially insightful consultants we have the ability to increase your operational efficiency by up to 70% via the eradicating of mundane repeatable processes that are frequently consuming expensive and skilled resources in areas from which they should be decoupled. 

When your organization is ready to leverage either application, platform or generic infrastructure solutions from either the public cloud or perhaps a more trusted entity, not only will the aforementioned approach have you technologically progress on a stable foundation but technologygroup can layer bridging, aggregation and portal components into the architecture to ensure the access, reporting and control you would expect and desire.

Our service centre offers a set of competencies that are hard to beat. Whilst it’s foregone that everything we offer is underpinned by support services, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor programs that fit your business in the way you choose to consume them.

Furthermore, and in the context of this article, we provide an array of flexible hosted and managed services that are centered on freeing your skilled and expensive personnel assets to focus less upon the mundane, commodity and repeatable tasks and revert their attention to business orientated, profit generative initiatives to propel your business from strength to strength.

The relationships we have founded with our clients earn us a trusted status that we value extensively. We are focused upon growing that customer base and sharing the skills and expertise we have developed over many years of investment and refinement. It is this that we hope to share with your own organisation.

– Lloyd Joseph
Sales Director