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Cloud Convergence

Cloud computing is perhaps the most talked-about approach to IT in recent years –revolutionizing the industry and quickly becoming a critical element of every enterprise IT strategy. The Citrix Cloud Convergence Solution helps organizations build, deliver and manage cloud services with efficiency, scale and best-in-class economics, whether running in the enterprise datacenter or in an external cloud.

Citrix has chosen us as one of a few partners in the world, to be a part of their Cloudstack advisor program. Through this partnership we are able to provide you with the expertise to build clouds the same way many of the large global public and private cloud providers build their own. With CloudStack we can help you orchestrate a cloud solution that fits your need, whether that be a private, public, or hybrid cloud. We were chosen for this program because of our experience and expertise in delivering complex projects such as those required by companies looking to move into the cloud.

Cloud Convergence

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    Citrix Cloud Convergence

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