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Data Discovery

Understanding your business requirements

The Problem

Data growth and sprawl can happen very easily within any organisation. This can be due to rapid growth, acquisition of new businesses or adoption of new applications. Businesses find that back-ups take longer, storage is running out and information cannot be found or recovered quickly and easily.

The Solution

To allow for better control of the organisation’s data lifecycle management strategy, your organisation needs to first understand what data exists, where it is, how old it is and how much space is being wasted on the backend storage. Once this information is gathered then a data strategy can be implemented to better utilise current infrastructure assets.

The Deliverables

Once the analysis has been run, a report will be provided back to your organisation around the current data estate. This will include information on the data layout along with recommendations to address any issues found during the discovery process. This provides better governance and compliance for your business.

Business Issues

According to leading business analysts, storage purchases consume 40% of IT annual budgets. With the ever decreasing costs of disk storage, it is tempting to increase the storage repositories as required, however this neither reduces the complexity of managing the increased capacity nor indeed the associated costs.

Without a clear understanding of which resources are being consumed by individuals, departments and applications, it becomes impossible to reduce excess storage purchasing, increase management efficiency throughout the data lifecycle and deliver improved business performance.

technologygroup will provide a granular review of the production data composition and provide recommendations on ways to improve the current data lifecycle management.

Complete Reporting

technologygroup provides reports for almost every facet of the storage environment: domains, volumes, file types, file attributes, users, owners and applications.

From this technologygroup offers recommendations on how to actively tune application resources to minimise storage related downtime and maximise application responsiveness and utilisation.

Unlocking Return on Investment

technologygroup is able to provide clear recommendations to the business on ways to improve the current model. This knowledge can be used to optimise operations, proactively increase system uptime, establish and meet service level agreements and compliancy standards and improve resource utilisation while reducing management costs.