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Data Management

Managing data can be an uphill struggle, that wastes time as well as money. Across the UK, data volumes are growing by at least 50% year-on-year, while the cost of storing this data creates an escalating – and sometimes unnecessary – IT expense. Until companies understand what data they have, it is virtually impossible for it to be used intelligently and securely.

technologygroup helps companies to more cost-effectively manage their data and improve their data security.

Our technical and consulting services include policy driven data management and content indexing and search.

Policy Driven Data Management

Provide a clear direction for the future of data management by mapping defined policies to data management strategies, be it backup, archive, disaster recovery or business continuity.
Take a holistic approach to protecting the valuable data assets across all platforms by avoiding ‘stove pipe’ solutions that provide little to no integration and have no agility for what the future will hold.

Content Indexing and Search

Protecting the assets is one thing, but if the information cannot be found quickly then the effort has been wasted. Provide the users with the ability to search for the information they require quickly, easily and securely.

The ability to recover the files and emails they need without contacting support can free up a great deal of valuable time. In addition, provide compliance search capabilities with legal hold