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Infrastructure design and consolidation

Across all industry sectors, storage and server requirements are increasing. This means power, cooling and maintenance expenses are increasing too. If companies don’t plan strategically and proactively manage their IT infrastructure growth, these hidden costs can get in the way of more important business objectives.

technologygroup helps companies to build and maintain a highly effective IT infrastructure, that optimises data flow and application performance, while minimising the cost of technology ownership.

Our services include storage design, virtualisation feasibility study and disaster recovery.

Storage Design

Key to all organisations is where the data resides. Understand ways to improve your current infrastructure and reduce costs whilst improving functionality and the service to the business.
Considerations should also be given to virtualisation to improve agility and make your environment truly heterogeneous.

Virtualisation Feasibility Study

By offering ‘what if modelling’, an in-depth understanding can be gained to server virtualisation within your environment and how the configuration should be designed.
This overview suggests what hardware to implement, how to map out the virtual server environment and what applications should not be consolidated.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is critical to all business, but is the one thing you hope never to use. Provide your business with varying levels of disaster recovery options that offer the correct recovery point and recovery time objectives needed.

Allow for easy disaster recovery testing to ensure you meet the requirements of the business, especially when it might be needed the most