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Mobility Solution

Supporting your business through Desktop,
                           Application Virtualisation, Workshifting and BYOD

 Technology is evolving and the world is demanding more of what it wants, where and when it wants it. Businesses as a whole have faced (and continue to face) some of the most demanding challenges experienced in commerce. In many circumstances, it’s a buyer’s paradise; you only have to look at Amazon and their enhancements to the Kindle Fire enticing you to access limitless content versus Apple who continue to appeal as primarily a hardware vendor with rapidly released footprint and feature enhancements, turning moderately exclusive devices into consumable items in turn transforming themselves to market capitalization north of $619 Billion at the mid point of 2012.

Organisations are bending over backwards to offer more. And in a way that satisfies customers to secure their long-term business and keep them coming back for an improved client experience, whatever delivery medium that may be.

The result being that every commercial entity has to “up its game”.

  •  Physical client interaction
  •  Customer experience and service portals
  •  Service availability
  •  Data and Intellectual property
  •  Time to market
  •  Price points

All underpinned by a heavy focus on reducing the associated cost to deliver within a bear market and the immensely competitive nature of businesses looking to deliver more for less, quicker.

So the challenge becomes clear within our own business entities.

More for less is an incredibly over utilised phrase right now. More importantly, we have to ask how this is actually possible.  Senior Management understands that their organisations’ most valuable assets are its employees and data/intellectual property.  Therefore a marginal improvement in their performance could have a major impact on organisations profitability and empowering the workforce to be productive more of the time is a key component.   Understanding of how to measure ROI and business advantage is key – technologygroup’s implementation of VDI solutions has highlighted that there are very significant tangible cost reductions which can be achieved, even before further, less easy to quantify, efficiency advantages are considered.   Based on its knowledge and experience  technologygroup believes the marrying of these two benefits in a consistent, performance centric and secure way as being critical to the aforementioned challenges. 

More and more businesses are adopting a strategy called work-shifting to accelerate business growth, offer optimal customer service, attract and retain a productive workforce and ensure seamless business continuity. Work-shifting enables the right employees to work at the right time and place, even if that’s not during standard business hours or in a traditional office.

At technologygroup we focus on four key prerequisites of work shifting fundamentals:

#1. Productivity and performance, to help people work efficiently
#2. Collaboration and support, to help people work with others and quickly resolve technical problems
#3. Security, to protect the organisations’ data and intellectual property and adhere to compliance policies
#4.  Cost-efficiency, to lower IT costs and drive business costs down

To effectively deliver against these fundamentals technologygroup leverages our proven engagement methodology. We start by driving workshops and ensuring we have a complete view of not only the short and long-term objectives of the business but also a hierarchical view of both the commercial and technological drivers. These four pillars of engagement enable us to support our clients in the creation of an all encompassing project brief or initiation document. This clarity is paramount in the support of a successful mobility initiative.

At this juncture this document will take a more technical direction as we discuss the building block components of a truly functional, secure yet performant platform to support the demanding use cases of each of the core personnel in addition to individuals, remote offices and in some instances outside entities or trusted third parties. This coupled with the desire to facilitate initiatives like BYOD and work-shifting underpins the need for alliances with vendor and partner experts like technologygroup.