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Security analysis

The Problem

All organizations spend a great deal of money protecting their environment from attackers by implementing Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks and switched infrastructures whilst at the same time, being pressured from the business to deliver new and more flexible working practices for the staff.

Many IT Administrators realise that increased flexibility inherently brings increased risk. Implementing security and processes is difficult for many businesses, especially when the strategy has to bring technology and business practices together. If these are put in place then they are rarely checked to ensure they are still relevant or even if the strategy still works.

The Solution

By constantly testing the environment across all seven layers of the Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model (OSI model), the business can be sure the correct levels of security are in place. technologygroup’s security assessment and assurance services tackle the three primary areas of technical security:

The Deliverables

Your environment will be analyzed externally with a Penetration test and internally with a network audit to ensure the correct levels of security are in place for your business. Detailed reports will be provided outlining the areas that need to be improved with any additional recommendations. The level of assurance required can be tailored to ensure it meets your business requirements.

Application Security Assessment

This form of testing is for custom written applications, especially those public facing over the internet. Typically software developers are not trained in secure development methods and this level of testing will ensure the application is not susceptible to attack. Our consultants have proven experience in the assessment of primarily ASP and Java based web systems and server side processes. In addition, we hold extensive commercial expertise in financial environments writing such scripts, along with the querying of back end database servers.

technologygroup understands real world network risk and business impact, focusing primarily on three key areas during a application security assessment:
Resilience of applications from overflow and input validation attack
Session resilience, attempting to compromise other user sessions
Assessment of operating platform components and permissions

Network Security Assessment

Any IP (Internet Protocol) network can be assessed, whether your requirement is to ensure the security of publicly accessible networks, or bespoke assessment of internal networks. This type of testing assesses IP addresses, whether these are connected to hosts, routers, server farms, or any other devices on the network. This will determine which services are running and visible along with misconfiguration in both the Operating System and service level. Passwords are checked to see if they are default and if not what their strength is. If run externally as well then public facing hosts in the DMZ are tested to see if they can be compromised.

Our primary three key focus during a network security assessment spans:

  • Low level network security and assessment of devices
  • Operating system security policy and kernel settings
  • Network service security, enabled features and configuration
Wireless Security Assessment

technologygroup’s wireless security assessment involves emulation of highly determined wireless attackers with access to high gain antennae and equipment capable of sniffing 2.4GHz 802.11b traffic from a distance. Low level analysis of wireless traffic is undertaken, including attempts to attack WEP encryption and compromise keys used to protect wireless data.
Our primary three key focus during a wireless security assessment spans:

  • Low level network security, ARP spoofing and other threats
  • Assessment of encryption and intrusion prevention techniques
  • Assessment of accessible servers and devices at an IP level

Colossus represents new thought leadership in Vulnerability Assessment. Unlike other VA tools, Colossus works like a consultant, and delivers a report which looks as though a professional security consultant could have written it. Although no automated system can match the accuracy of a good consultant, Colossus produces comprehensive consultant-like results every time without fail. Colossus gives you the option to download in to a Word Processing document, or a PDF report, and the flexible XML data set, with rich meta data, allowing you to import the information in to a multitude of other management systems.


Training can be supplied to key personnel within your organization around Applied Hacking and Countermeasures to varying levels of competency. This is not focused around any particular technology and will better equip security personnel in the daily management of risk back to the business.