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Server Analysis

Understanding your business requirements

The Problem

Server sprawl within any data centre can produce a number of headaches to your business. This can be related to increased maintenance and support costs, rising power and cooling charges or increased management overheads in keeping all the lights on.

The Solution

Gaining a better understanding of the current server environment will allow you to make better judgements when looking to implement new applications or expand existing ones. A server analysis will also highlight any underutilisation within the current server set up. There may be an opportunity to perform a server consolidation exercise to reduce current and future overheads.

The Deliverables

Once the server analysis has been completed, a report will be provided back to your organisation detailing the current server layout. This will include server types, names and utilisation around CPU, memory and disk resources. Workloads will be provided for power and cooling statistics along with recommendations for server consolidation and virtualisation to improve efficiency

Business Issues

With the support for Windows, Unix and Linux platforms, technologygroup is able to collect information from physical and virtual hosts to gain a detailed understanding of your environment. This includes Operating System types, installed and running applications or services, patch levels, as well as CPU, memory, disk and network resources.
With this information technologygroup can ensure that your data centre is optimised to deliver the best service possible

‘What if’ Modelling

Take the guess work out of Optimised Service Delivery and ensure the best results possible for the business. technologygroup can provide “What if” analysis and trend forecasting as part of the reporting process. This will ensure that future strategies and goals are aligned to short-term and long-term business objectives where workloads can be intelligently distributed to maximise utilisation and minimise resource contention.

Complete Reporting

The technologygroup report will provide a complete overview of each aspect within the data centre during the period of the health scan. This will include inventories of CPU, memory, disk resources and workload sizing together with power and cooling statistics.

The strength of this information empowers the recipient to make informed operational decisions to achieve Optimised Service Delivery.

Sample Reporting