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technologygroup – “The Mobility Imperative”

 Gartner – “By 2015 more than 50% of the workforce will be mobile”.

“Bridging the gap between enterprise and consumerisation”; “any application to any device, in any location”. 

It’s irrelevant how we carve it.  The initiative remains simple.

Deliver technology to empower your user community (staff or customers) by connecting people and data. The fact we may need devices, applications, storage, networks, intrinsic security policies, IT professionals or cloud services – who cares. This is about the business right and the business needs competitive advantage.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been confronted with such an extensive change proposition. Yes, we hear all the time about the cyclical nature of IT but this is different right? Some may dispel this by claiming this change to simply be another transitional wave that takes us back to a more centralised control and delivery mechanism however; the cloud evolution sees a huge leap in terms of our perception of value, and off setting risk against reward.

Technology infrastructure for many years now has been seen as a commodity. Nevertheless, businesses around the globe pay immense collective salaries for personnel to look after vast quantities of storage arrays; gigantic capacity in data networks, and infinite compute, powering an extensive plethora of applications critical to a wide variety of business. However; when asked what differentiates one organisations infrastructure architectural excellence from another in terms of actual value, it would be hard to demonstrate a cent between the majorities.

It’s a known fact that the value is within the application and ‘within’ being the key word here. Data, intellectual property and in turn a businesses respective service offerings and client experience is where the value actually exists. And it is for this reason that we see a shift away from infrastructure and the associated management overhead, towards the mining of big data and application development to connect and empower our workforces and customers.

In direct parallel we have two key further changes to consider but this time it’s more aligned to the protection of our other, non-data orientated assets, namely key personnel. The two streams I speak of are retention and attraction. If the world’s currency is people and information, an organisation must ask themselves – “What are we doing to ensure we both attract the best people and once we have them here, what can we offer to ensure they stay”?

Our world is changing and whilst partly fuelled by technology, this is merely the empowerment of an undercurrent that is rapidly gathering momentum. People’s lives are changing. As we continually push for a greater return in so many ways, we are choosing to work in a more flexible capacity, moving away from the traditional fixed parameters of the ‘HQ’ and the ‘9-5’.

TV, social media, and all the information and digital collateral we could ever dream of and more is available 24 x 7, and it is this mindset that organisations of today have to consider; again from both a personnel and customer standpoint.

We exist in a world whereby the expectation is always on. One of the final sanctuaries of peace and alone time (the tube) is now pushing the boundaries of availability and this coupled with the rapid proliferation of 4G networks means anytime, anyplace anywhere is becoming a reality.

3 words. People, Applications, Data.

2 actions. Collaboration, empowerment.

1 result. Success

In terms of Enterprise IT this can bring sizeable challenges but rest assured, mobility and access to all our information irrelevant of the device we choose to work from is no longer a nice to have. It’s a business imperative.

technologygroup are experts in leading technology initiatives most namely:

–          Fully featured mobility solutions spanning each attribute of such a project

  • Information Security, Access and Lifecycle Management
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtual Experience Infrastructure (VXI)
  • Service profiles and aggregation
  • Desktop and Application Virtualisation and delivery
  • Service Optimisation
  • End point security
  • BYOD management programs

–          Cloud empowerment, orchestration and automation

  • Service Frameworks
  • Client Portal for Self Service incorporating account creation, service catalogues, reporting and billing
  • Dynamic elasticity and auto-scaling
  • Automation and operational efficiency via the eradication of repeatable tasks
  • Access to pre populated service catalogues and build template marketplace

Both of the aforementioned services are underpinned by an eighteen-year legacy and strong competency in core infrastructure solutions. We have a unique skill set in most of the heavily promoted reference architectures which, with the emphasised collaborations between the worlds largest technology vendors seen today, enable technologygroup to deliver to our clients the most stable and empowering solutions within their aggressive project timelines.

We have worked with some of the worlds largest financial and eGaming entities to optimise their critical client trading platforms and have the unique accolade of being the UK’s first partner in a key vendors Application Delivery Controller (ADC) technology that will support your organisations ability to deliver and scale dynamically whilst offering a cost and consolidation model that is hard to beat.

From an automation perspective we have the proven ability to save your business both time and money. Through a set of integrated tools underpinned by our skilled, yet commercially insightful consultants we have the ability to increase your operational efficiency by up to 70% via the eradication of mundane repeatable processes that are frequently consuming expensive and skilled resources in areas from which they should be decoupled.  

When your organisation is ready to leverage either application, platform or generic infrastructure solutions from either the public cloud or perhaps a more trusted entity, not only will the aforementioned approach have you technologically progress and on a stable foundation but technologygroup can layer bridging, aggregation and portal components into the architecture to ensure the access, reporting and control you would expect and desire.

Our service centre offers a set of competencies that are hard to beat. Whilst it’s a foregone that everything we offer is underpinned by support services, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor programs that fit your business in the way you choose to consume them.

Furthermore, and in the context of this article, we provide an array of flexible hosted and managed services that are centered on freeing your skilled and expensive personnel assets to focus less upon the mundane, commodity and repeatable tasks and revert their attention to business orientated, profit generative initiatives to propel your business from strength to strength.

The relationships we have founded with our clients earn us a trusted status that we value extensively. We are focused upon growing that customer base and sharing the skills and expertise we have developed over many years of investment and refinement. It is this that we hope to share with your own organisation to the benefit of both of us.

– Lloyd Joseph
  Sales Director