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One Touch Infrastructure

The Problem

Organisations want to limit the amount of time they spend in front of infrastructure – fact. Datacenter’s are not a place that IT personnel want to spend their time, as it is unproductive. Furthermore, the plumbing and day to day maintenance of Compute, Network and Storage components (CNS) is an administrative function that simply serves a purpose, a means to an end in respect of supplying the organisation with a platform from which to apply the value orientated stack of databases, middleware and applications from where the business can recognise and extract true value. Nevertheless, this often repeatable task is scheduled on a too frequent basis to expand racks, add chassis, deploy top of rack switching and expand storage, potentially requiring the coordination of master access lists, infrastructure delivery and allocation.

The Problem Intensifies

The base plumbing of infrastructure (or rack and stack as it is sometimes referred) is just the tip of the iceberg. Design and layout, cabling and interconnectivity, firmware and patching plus routing of the core connectivity and services are each required as a set of pre-requisites before the business is close to even starting to initiate any kind of service upon its new investment.
Once the long list of aforementioned tasks are complete it would ordinarily be at this juncture that this deployment team would hand over to the appropriate operational function for further detailed configuration across multi faceted competencies spanning security, networks, compute and storage. Once their specific configurations had been applied with testing complete, the central pools of resources will be made available for consumption within the business, application or development functions of the organization however; even at this time further customisations will undoubtedly be required.

The Ideal

Wouldn’t it be great if the overhead associated with the aforementioned tasks could be extracted allowing for expensive and skilled IT personnel, from within the business to be redeployed and left to focus on supporting more revenue generative business initiatives?
Furthermore, how much additional value could be attributed to a service that could quantify the varying types of build standards that are frequently leveraged within the business and apply automation to deliver them from a service catalogue available to the business. If the associated operational and business administration functions could all be captured within this deployment process, empowering the organisation to leverage “One touch” deployment, then quite possibly this value proposition would be complete.

The Solution

technologygroup has brought a solution to market that whilst intensely simplifying the challenges as detailed above (which are seen within the majority of organisations today), delivers an entire new layer of value improving your organisation’s staff utilisation and productivity that ultimately delivers even further efficiencies across the entire organisation in respect of both agility and time to market.
Initially, technologygroup will deploy our highly experienced build team to work with the customer organisation to ingest the configuration of the specific CNS infrastructure stack. At this juncture should it be required, our Infrastructure Health Check can be called upon to ratify that the base environment is in a state that is solid and secure to support the business in it’s daily function and will stand up to subsequent expansion without implication.
The two teams will work together to ensure that we hold the necessary knowledge to build and expand CNS within your desired parameters and that any specifics to your business are also completed as part of the knowledge transfer.

One Touch / One Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

technologygroup in association with your team will create a client specific build and align a dedicated SKU to ensure that where desired, blocks of infrastructure can be purchased in supplemental increments to your initial investment.
This will speed up your overall time to production for incremental infrastructure investments and allow us to not only ensure the best possible pricing is in place, but dramatically simplify the call off and implementation component of the incremental upgrades required in your CNS stack.

Bringing “One Touch” to life

The service described within can really be broken down into three core components; namely:

  • SKU creation and fulfillment
  • Rack, stack and configuration
  • Business and Operational Orchestration

Once steps one and two are complete, technologygroup will create a service catalogue for the repeatable build tasks that are required on a regular or semi regular basis. Each of the following OSS and appropriate BSS functions can be addressed and at this juncture we can make this simple “One Touch” Service unique to you depending on how far you wish to go.
At the simple end of the solution can be a handful of basic VM deployments that cater for the majority of your day to day tasks. This alone is demonstrating in the region of 70% operational efficiencies within IT teams.
At the opposite end, a variety of application specific builds can be created together with the implementation of a self service portal. This is often popular with development and test functions (who are frequently guilty of placing high quantities of tickets on the support and operational functions for builds). In association with self service is a variety of reporting that can demonstrate show back – enabling the IT organization to see who the heavy consumers are within the business and make it a more seamless process to recognise and report against specific projects and initiatives.


technologygroup has compiled this service offering to bring simplicity and value to a changing landscape within our industry. Organisations are changing the way in which they procure, deploy and manage unified infrastructure and more importantly, with the increasing demand on IT functions within businesses they need to leverage the skills of trusted and professional partners.
One of the most obvious starting points is where repeatable non specific tasks can be moved to that trusted partner, but technologygroup believes that this shouldn’t be the definitive line of demarcation. By adding our “One Touch Infrastructure Solution” to supplement your business, you can redeploy your critical and empowered personnel to work on more revenue generative and value orientated projects.

One Touch Infrastructure

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