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Time to information is critical for insurance

Fast and accurate analytics drives underwriting precision, enables risk management and enhances compliance. 

Understanding risk is difficult; it requires huge pools of data to be analysed at speed.  As these data sets increase, and underwriting becomes more personalized, this challenge only grows.  Consequently, the London insurance market is driving some of the most demanding analytics workloads as, evermore, it is the key to profitability, customer satisfaction and cost control.

Analytics, databases and VDI are mission critical applications that require affordable, high-performance storage. Time and again insurance customers are outgrowing their storage performance needs within their investment cycle; WHIPTAIL was founded to deliver unparalleled storage performance whilst dramatically lowering the cost of delivering these applications.  Whether it is accelerating front line workloads or delivering VDI to employees, discover how companies are improving their services whilst lowering their costs – doing more with less – with WHIPTAIL.

Following this webinar a subset of attendees will be able to put a WHIPTAIL array through its paces in their own test environment. We are confident you won’t be disappointed.

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